Farewell Newgrounds!

2009-11-18 23:12:01 by TenchuX

I thank Newgrounds for what was in large part an enjoyable experience, particularly in the early years (2004-2005).

YouTube has been working out great and I'm really happy with the experience thus far. As such I've decided to fully make the switch.

I'm still deliberating on if I will completely stop music uploads to this site or not. But for certain I have absolutely no plans to focus on Newgrounds as the medium to disperse my music anymore.

For those of you who are fans of my music I'd suggest subscribing to me on YouTube.

I upload a NEW song EVERY WEDNESDAY without fail.

http://www.youtube.com/user/TenchuXmus ic

I've already got a plan for 5 Winter/Christmassy songs for December so it's going to be a fun month.

I'm working on a remix of a song for OCRemix's Seiken Densetsu 3 Album as well as another remix that I'm feeling quite highly about making OCR.

I'm also now a (and likely the) lead musician on a Mario reorchestration site that's going to be officially launched in Spring 2010.

So yeah... things are going swell!

I also plan to have my own website up and running in the future (months down the road though) which will house ALL the music I upload onto YouTube for your free downloading pleasure.

Anyway again... if you're a current fan of my newest music and want to hear everything that comes out in the future head to my YouTube.

A BIG THANK YOU! To all the fans that I ever accumulated on this site.


~ TenchuX

Slowly Leaving Newgrounds

2009-08-18 17:44:54 by TenchuX

I've decided to focus my endeavors on YouTube, SoundClick, Personal Website etc.

I wrote a ton of stuff about why etc but have edited it to keep it short.

To be keep it simple, I feel that Newgrounds isn't the optimal platform for to present my music. I don't have the following here anymore for me to put even more time and effort into attempting to get it seen more. 0 bombs etc are simply something I can't overcome, and it's too disheartening to put work into music just to see it spat upon by individuals who couldn't give a crap. I'm simply tired of seeing great songs bombed and then waiting 8 months or so for it to even approach the first page of scores again, only to get bombed again. As such that's why I'm focusing on sites where scores and the like do not effect my music or reduce the ability for people to view and thus enjoy it.

Hey, it's my own fault anyway! I had a substantially strong following (practically every song I had was platinum) and then I all but completely stopped making let alone posting songs between the end of 2005 and the end of 2008. If I had kept up this wouldn't be an issue.

I'm aware of how to get going on NG, but again... I just don't have the free time to put into becoming a part of the community here as I could in the past via the forums and projects etc.

That said, since I DO still have some fans here though... I will still do my best to upload music here, but this site will be not be getting uploads first like it used to.


Website and YouTube

2009-08-09 22:58:08 by TenchuX

I'm going to be setting up a website in the near future.

I bring this up because its going to have a section on it devoted to Remixes and Remastered music from games and film. I will also be setting up a forum which will have a section dedicated towards music which will include a request section.

On top of this I plan to start creating videos with remixed/remastered game music to be uploaded to YouTube in the near future.

I'll still upload the music here though for the time being.


The Remastered Video Game Soundtrack Contest!

2009-01-30 01:41:43 by TenchuX


Welcome to The Remastered Video Game Soundtrack Contest!

I'm exciting to be announcing this contest for the community at Newgrounds to participate in. If you're a big fan of video game music and have always wanted to hear your favorite game's soundtrack updated, this is your chance to make that happen!

Below is everything you'll need to know about the contest! Please read EVERYTHING to grasp the full concept of what to do, as well as what you can win!


You are to send me a Private Message explaining which soundtrack I should remaster and why. It does not have to be wordy unless you want a chance at getting bonus points for your #1 song (which I explain in the "how points are awarded"). Along with that you will have to name in order the top 3 soundtracks you want remastered with #1 being the most wanted etc.

Also, in your PM to me you MUST include the following your TITLE: VG Remastered Contest

After that you can put your name or whatever you want, but you must have that so can keep things organized. Failure to do so will result in me ignoring your letter and votes.


If you rank a game as your #1 it's worth 4 points, #2 is 2 points, and #3 is 1 point.

I will apply the same rule to PM's that have a stirring reason why I should chose their #1 game, however points will be worth more since it takes more effort to do this. The PM with the BEST reason why I should chose their #1 game will be worth 12 points, the 2nd best letter will be worth 8 points, and 3rd best will be worth 5. So remember your PM could tip the balance!


Based on what game wins I will be remastering the soundtrack of the game and releasing it right here on Newgrounds under a project name related to the game, so that the account has ONLY the songs related to the project!


11:59 PM on May 31st, 2009 NOT FINAL (could end as early as April 30th so get your votes in ASAP)


Depending on the game (some have a lot of songs) I would expect it around or before, August 30th, 2009. FINAL (only possible change in a release date would be an earlier one)

The times are such that in case something crazy happens in real life I should still have no issues hitting the deadline. Remember that I am 1 guy doing this alone, and I have more pressing work that must be done over this. Again though, I don't foresee any issues whatsoever hitting the deadline I've made myself.


If you were the #1 essay writer in the PM you get your choice of any song in any game to be remastered along with your username dedicated to the song's title (just no obscure games like something from the N64DD). Feel free to include the song of your choice in your post as well, if you feel like you have a shot at being #1.

If you were in the TOP 3 for essay writers in the PM, your names will be announced in my news post which announced the game that won, along with the next news post which announces that the remastered soundtrack has been released on Newgrounds!


So if you want to hear your favorite game soundtrack with modern and professional quality sounds, send in your letters and your votes! If you have any questions, feel free to put them in as a comment to this post.


The Remastered Video Game Soundtrack Contest!

Secret of Mana - It's Not The End

2008-11-26 20:35:52 by TenchuX

I just re-released my Secret of Mana song titled: It's Not The End (called Not The End on Newgrounds due to 30 character limit and wanting to have the name of the game in the title)

This song is probably the best sounding one and is along the lines of She Was Dreaming in The Rain and Kong Korps in terms of overall production quality.

I can pretty much guarantee anyone who likes the Secret of Mana soundtrack will defiantly appreciate this song.

The melody in this song is most widely associated with the opening scene in Secret of Mana with the pink birds flying by the Mana Tree as the intro story text is scrolling.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /189872


P.S. I will be releasing a very old Mega Man X song I did back in 2003 in the coming days. It's not really anything amazing, but people who like the a mellow ambient sound with armored armadillo might enjoy it.


2008-11-13 05:59:51 by TenchuX

Going to be uploading 3 songs that I did all the way back in 2003!

Expect 2 Mega Man X songs...

and 1 Super Metroid song...

They aren't the best quality, but I think some people might enjoy them.

Also as soon as my Secret of Mana song is deleted I am going to be uploading a new version of the song. It will also make its way to my VGMix account since it is among the songs I consider the best I've ever worked on.

I'd actually have to say this song is #2 behind She Was Dreaming in the Rain to me.

It has superb sound quality, a fun melody, and is just a blast to hear if you love Secret of Mana.