The Remastered Video Game Soundtrack Contest!

2009-01-30 01:41:43 by TenchuX


Welcome to The Remastered Video Game Soundtrack Contest!

I'm exciting to be announcing this contest for the community at Newgrounds to participate in. If you're a big fan of video game music and have always wanted to hear your favorite game's soundtrack updated, this is your chance to make that happen!

Below is everything you'll need to know about the contest! Please read EVERYTHING to grasp the full concept of what to do, as well as what you can win!


You are to send me a Private Message explaining which soundtrack I should remaster and why. It does not have to be wordy unless you want a chance at getting bonus points for your #1 song (which I explain in the "how points are awarded"). Along with that you will have to name in order the top 3 soundtracks you want remastered with #1 being the most wanted etc.

Also, in your PM to me you MUST include the following your TITLE: VG Remastered Contest

After that you can put your name or whatever you want, but you must have that so can keep things organized. Failure to do so will result in me ignoring your letter and votes.


If you rank a game as your #1 it's worth 4 points, #2 is 2 points, and #3 is 1 point.

I will apply the same rule to PM's that have a stirring reason why I should chose their #1 game, however points will be worth more since it takes more effort to do this. The PM with the BEST reason why I should chose their #1 game will be worth 12 points, the 2nd best letter will be worth 8 points, and 3rd best will be worth 5. So remember your PM could tip the balance!


Based on what game wins I will be remastering the soundtrack of the game and releasing it right here on Newgrounds under a project name related to the game, so that the account has ONLY the songs related to the project!


11:59 PM on May 31st, 2009 NOT FINAL (could end as early as April 30th so get your votes in ASAP)


Depending on the game (some have a lot of songs) I would expect it around or before, August 30th, 2009. FINAL (only possible change in a release date would be an earlier one)

The times are such that in case something crazy happens in real life I should still have no issues hitting the deadline. Remember that I am 1 guy doing this alone, and I have more pressing work that must be done over this. Again though, I don't foresee any issues whatsoever hitting the deadline I've made myself.


If you were the #1 essay writer in the PM you get your choice of any song in any game to be remastered along with your username dedicated to the song's title (just no obscure games like something from the N64DD). Feel free to include the song of your choice in your post as well, if you feel like you have a shot at being #1.

If you were in the TOP 3 for essay writers in the PM, your names will be announced in my news post which announced the game that won, along with the next news post which announces that the remastered soundtrack has been released on Newgrounds!


So if you want to hear your favorite game soundtrack with modern and professional quality sounds, send in your letters and your votes! If you have any questions, feel free to put them in as a comment to this post.


The Remastered Video Game Soundtrack Contest!


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2009-02-07 02:51:55

So many I love, so many to choose, some forgotten, some remembered. And yet the impeccable truth is that only three of the thousands in my list of old favourites are allowed. My indecisive nature is holding me back, but I can't pass up the opportunity. With University assignments coming up, I may end up rushing. With only 3 choices, I have to be careful in which music I would choose.

I will be sending you a PM, but maybe not too soon, but not too late either. Thank you for taking the time to make music for us. I wish I knew how to make music like you do. I wonder what tools do you use...

(Updated ) TenchuX responds:

Been using FL Studio since 2003, and I've stuck with it since... it's actually gotten a lot better so I see no need to make a switch now. Glad you enjoy so much game music; they really don't get the respect they deserve in the music community.

Take your time with the PM if you need to. Odds are it will be the May deadline since I've not gotten nearly enough PM's yet, as I'd like to have around 100... hopefully it will pickup in the future.

If you want to pick up music, now is the time to do it. I started 15 days after I turned 18, so get the FL Studio demo and start fiddling around. The retail price is really cheap compared to it's competition. I'd be a heck of a lot better too if I hadn't taken almost 3 years off (notice I have 0 uploads in 2006, 1 in 2007 and in 2008 they are in October onward).

Anyhow, if it really interests you, make time for it and by the time you're my age you'll be pro.


2009-02-10 19:52:01



2009-03-03 23:36:58

Oh man, I totally just relogged onto newgrounds after like 2 years and panicked when I couldn't find you at first. Glad to see you're still here. *phew*

TenchuX responds:

Indeed I am 3:-)


2009-04-22 07:13:54

for whatever reason, i haven't seen a decent Aeris theme, that is epic yet, i could be wrong though, lol...i'm relatively new to this site!


2009-05-02 07:09:07

Hey there TenchuX. Sorry for the late post. My first semester is over and now I'm free from Uni for two weeks. I will try to pick a song that I really liked, but its hard to remember, and all the goods songs I liked had already been remastered. Judging by you work I'm most likely going for the Chrono Cross soundtrack. I'll keep you posted. ;)

TenchuX responds:

Honestly I'm probably just going to end up finishing the Donkey Kong Country track... I've had literally no one mail me in the months this has been up. I've had a few songs hit top 3 and still no one reads my profile to see this so it's kind of a bum.


2009-05-29 04:26:54

Wow, now that is a bummer. Its a shame that not many people are aware of the existence of the Audio Portal in Newgrounds. It's also a shame that I, and many others, had trouble logging on to Newgrounds for the past weeks. I couldn't even get the page to load!

The audio portal, in a way, is messed up. Unlike Flash, you get to preview them. Over here, you just see the titles, and more often than not, people don't have the patience to listen.

Maybe you should try uploading your music to Overclocked Remix. At least its a community that focuses solely on video game music rather than handling both Movies and Audio like Newgrounds. After all, Newgrounds is a flash movie site, not an audio portal. Chances are you'll be heard more prominently in OC remix. You don't have to stick to one though; you can always upload to both communities ;)

TenchuX responds:

I've been a member of OCR since 2003. Your songs only get up there after a 3 month waitlist and an intense judging process of which very very few new artists get past and even some vets get denied in. VGmix was the best place for music until it went downhill due to real life consuming the owner of the site.