Slowly Leaving Newgrounds

2009-08-18 17:44:54 by TenchuX

I've decided to focus my endeavors on YouTube, SoundClick, Personal Website etc.

I wrote a ton of stuff about why etc but have edited it to keep it short.

To be keep it simple, I feel that Newgrounds isn't the optimal platform for to present my music. I don't have the following here anymore for me to put even more time and effort into attempting to get it seen more. 0 bombs etc are simply something I can't overcome, and it's too disheartening to put work into music just to see it spat upon by individuals who couldn't give a crap. I'm simply tired of seeing great songs bombed and then waiting 8 months or so for it to even approach the first page of scores again, only to get bombed again. As such that's why I'm focusing on sites where scores and the like do not effect my music or reduce the ability for people to view and thus enjoy it.

Hey, it's my own fault anyway! I had a substantially strong following (practically every song I had was platinum) and then I all but completely stopped making let alone posting songs between the end of 2005 and the end of 2008. If I had kept up this wouldn't be an issue.

I'm aware of how to get going on NG, but again... I just don't have the free time to put into becoming a part of the community here as I could in the past via the forums and projects etc.

That said, since I DO still have some fans here though... I will still do my best to upload music here, but this site will be not be getting uploads first like it used to.



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2009-08-26 06:17:28

The title had me worried... I'm glad you'll still post!


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