Entry #6

Farewell Newgrounds!

2009-11-18 23:12:01 by TenchuX

I thank Newgrounds for what was in large part an enjoyable experience, particularly in the early years (2004-2005).

YouTube has been working out great and I'm really happy with the experience thus far. As such I've decided to fully make the switch.

I'm still deliberating on if I will completely stop music uploads to this site or not. But for certain I have absolutely no plans to focus on Newgrounds as the medium to disperse my music anymore.

For those of you who are fans of my music I'd suggest subscribing to me on YouTube.

I upload a NEW song EVERY WEDNESDAY without fail.

http://www.youtube.com/user/TenchuXmus ic

I've already got a plan for 5 Winter/Christmassy songs for December so it's going to be a fun month.

I'm working on a remix of a song for OCRemix's Seiken Densetsu 3 Album as well as another remix that I'm feeling quite highly about making OCR.

I'm also now a (and likely the) lead musician on a Mario reorchestration site that's going to be officially launched in Spring 2010.

So yeah... things are going swell!

I also plan to have my own website up and running in the future (months down the road though) which will house ALL the music I upload onto YouTube for your free downloading pleasure.

Anyway again... if you're a current fan of my newest music and want to hear everything that comes out in the future head to my YouTube.

A BIG THANK YOU! To all the fans that I ever accumulated on this site.


~ TenchuX


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2011-05-05 19:43:58

What? I'm the only one who's disapointed?



2011-06-13 03:40:14

no ur not, i am too coz ng is where i get everything from, but i reckon all the fans have gone off to youtube and that new website by now!